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Our practice is waiting for you with the full spectrum of dental interventions

Our dental practice in Budapest has values ​​that are definitely important to you. Why are we sure about that? We asked our returning patients what was the most important value for them in a dental practice.

About us

Empathy and patience

Maximum consideration of individual needs in the Budapest
dental office of Móricz Dental.

How can we help?

Dental problems and their treatment

Toothache? Tooth sensitivity? Broken, damaged tooth? Maybe he's suffering from jaw pain? Are your teeth discolored? Our 19 experienced and internationally recognized specialists will help you deal with any dental problem.

I have a toothache

I have a toothache

In the case of a sore tooth, help should be given as soon as possible to eliminate the source of the pain. If you need immediate help, call +36 1/361 & ndash; 1222 to our dental office in Budapest and we will welcome you in our office.


What happens first during the consultation?

A successful dental treatment always starts with a consultation with our trained specialists. The purpose of a specialist consultation is to give you and your consulting doctor a clear and unambiguous picture of what dental problems you are facing.

Professionalism of the dental team

Professionalism of the dental team

Why choose us?

Our team of dental instructors and dentists provide you with safety in several ways. The continuous professional training of our dentists ensures that you always receive the most up-to-date solution available from the Móricz Dental team.
Our clinic

Reliability and durability of treatments

The results of the last decade

Our practice operates with a 97.6% satisfaction rate. Our patients have been coming back to us for years and now they are bringing their family members with them. This is our true moral esteem.
Our services
Reliability and durability of treatments
The key to success

The key to success

Outstanding technical equipment

Outstanding expertise, professional equipment and quality materials: these three are necessary for you to get an aesthetically pleasing and lasting solution to your dental problem. A dentistry where you can find all three at the same time, as Móricz Dental is one of the most modern Hi-Tech dental practices in Hungary today.

Our dentists, our staff

Our doctors

19 trained and internationally experienced dentists are waiting for you in our office

All our staff

They said about us

The opinion of our patients

It was an absolutely positive experience for me. Requesting an appointment was simple and quick; a wisdom tooth removal earlier this week. During the consultation and the surgery, I received Dr. András Schandl and his dear colleague, of whom I can only say good things. When I arrived for the surgery, everything was prepared, the team worked quickly, precisely, harmoniously, I had nothing to fear. They were kind and patient as an amateur patient, I felt professional. The necessary medications were prescribed without words and provided with additional instructions. I did not experience any subsequent problems. I warmly recommend the practice and will continue to visit.
I have long been dormant with my wisdom teeth and my wisdom. On Thursday, it suddenly became inflamed which went over my upper teeth as well. When I called them (which was about 7:30 in the evening) they were able to give me an appointment the next day. They were very kind to me already on the phone. I got an appointment with Dr. Ágnes Sinka. An infinitely kind doctor, she does a very thorough job and explains everything in detail, gives advice. The surgery itself is very nice and friendly. The prices are a bit peppery but nonetheless. I can highly recommend the place to others.
It is a really demanding place, both for the doctor's office and the professionals working there. I was very satisfied with the treatment, Dr. Anikó Ágics solved a problem that no other doctor has been able to do in the last 2 years - moreover, under difficult circumstances, during the coronavirus period. The office is very nice and clean, the receptionist colleagues are helpful and last but not least they are very pretty. The professional attitude of the doctor and the flexible, coordinated cooperation of the team had a reassuring effect on me, I was sure that I was in good hands. In the course of my experience so far, I was the first to meet such a careful, precise, kind, attentive, professionally prepared team. I am maximally satisfied, I will continue to use only the services of the practice, if the need arises! Although not cheap, ammunition needs to be carried, but something for something.


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Mikroszkópos gyökérkezelés Esetbemutatás 1
Mikroszkópos gyökérkezelés Esetbemutatás 01.
Dr Török Adrienn Mikroszkópos gyökérkezelés Esetbemutatás 01.
Mikroszkópos gyökérkezelés Esetbemutatás 2
Mikroszkópos gyökérkezelés Esetbemutatás 02.
Dr Török Adrienn Mikroszkópos gyökérkezelés Esetbemutatás 02.
Fogorvosoknak - Mikroszkópos gyökérkezelés
Bizonyára tapasztaltad már, hogy bár mindent megtettél, amit hagyományos gyökérkezeléssel el lehet érni, néhány hónap/év múlva páciensed foga mégis panaszt...
Fogorvosoknak - Mikroszkópos gyökérkezelés
Dr. Török Adrienn mikroszkópos gyökérkezelő specialista páciensének véleménye - Nagy János
Fogorvosoknak - Mikroszkópos gyökérkezelés
Fogorvosoknak - Mikroszkópos gyökérkezelés - Dr Keresztesi Tamás partner véleménye