Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening with Beyond technology is capable of cleaning the surface and deeper layers of the teeth, eliminating discoloration. Therefore, teeth whitening with Beyond is the most effective technology available today in the area of teeth whitening.


Beyond technology is based on a cold light system that whitens teeth with highly effective blue light. Whitening with Beyond can reach up to 6-8 shades of improvement in teeth color.

One of the advantages of whitening with Beyond is that it is not time-consuming, the treatment takes only 30 minutes. Hence the expected result can be reached in one hour including the preparations.


The treatment process

Teeth whitening with Beyond begins with a normal tooth cleaning to reach a completely free-of-stain tooth surface. Then, if it is necessary, scaling and polishing will precede the treatment.

Once the dentition is completely clean, a dental mouth lip opener is put on, and then the clinical dental hygienist applies a gum protector gel to the gum, which cures to light. Thus, the gum is completely separated from the to-be-whitened tooth surface and the materials used during the process.

Then the clinical dental hygienist applies the tooth whitening gel to the surface of the teeth, which is then illuminated by cold light. The gel has a whitening effect on the teeth for 10 minutes and is then replaced.

The worn gel is replaced twice during in-office whitening by the dental hygienist.

The application and illumination of the whitening gel consists of three phases. After the last phase the gel is completely removed from the teeth.

During the final stage of teeth whitening, a sensitivity-inhibiting paste is applied to the teeth for a few minutes. With this, the whitening process ends, which, together with the preparations, does not last for more than an hour.

Before teeth whitening, we use a tooth color scale to determine the original pre-treatment hue of the teeth. At the end of the whitening process, the same color scale is used to define the color tone achieved. By this we see how many levels the tooth color has brightened.

The whitening result varies from person to person. Depending on the structure of the enamel, the degree of discoloration, the causes, and the original color of the teeth. Whitening methods work on similar principles, of which Beyond is one of the most sophisticated, highly effective technology.


Safety of teeth whitening with Beyond

This whitening process is very safe from two points of view. One reason is that a cold light beam is used, so that the tooth nerves are not damaged. The other advantage of the treatment is that the whitening gel is water-based and water-soluble. It does not damage the tooth enamel.

The cold light used during treatment and the whitening gel have no side effects at all. The patient might even accidentally swallow some gel during the treatment.

This procedure is practical and fast, as a one-off treatment is sufficient for effectiveness. Additionally, no substance with any side effects is used, therefore it is completely safe.

What to do if you are looking for beautiful white teeth with an internationally recognized, effective, durable and fast procedure?

Teeth whitening with Beyond is an easily accessible method for you to have healthy and brightly white teeth. Ask our qualified aesthetic specialists about the most effective method. Sign up for a consultation on +36 1 3611 222.

Patient reviews

It was an absolutely positive experience for me. Requesting an appointment was simple and quick; a wisdom tooth removal earlier this week. During the consultation and the surgery, I received Dr. András Schandl and his dear colleague, of whom I can only say good things. When I arrived for the surgery, everything was prepared, the team worked quickly, precisely, harmoniously, I had nothing to fear. They were kind and patient as an amateur patient, I felt professional. The necessary medications were prescribed without words and provided with additional instructions. I did not experience any subsequent problems. I warmly recommend the practice and will continue to visit.

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