How can you be sure that our clinic provides you high-quality services?

How can you be sure that our clinic provides you high-quality services?

We provide high quality dental services to our patients in the field of esthetic dentistry and dental implants in our clinic in Budapest.

Quality dental services with guarantee

Quality Raw Material Guarantee

In our clinic we use only quality raw materials that exclusively come from a reliable source. These materials meet the strictest requirements of the European quality standards. They are qualified by ORKI (the Institute for Medical and Hospital Engineering in Hungary), and they ensure that the human body is protected as much as possible during dental treatments.


Outstanding Expertise Guarantee

All dentists working in Móricz Dental Clinic continuously develop their expertise by participating in post-graduate trainings and professional dental conferences several times a year. This ensures that they can suggest state-of-the-art solutions and  dental services when planning treatments.


Professional Dental Technical Service Guarantee

Among our cooperating partners we only have dental technical laboratories that employ professional experts. They ensure that your prosthesis will be manufactured from high-quality raw materials with modern, state-of-the-art technology (CAD/CAM). These professionals make sure that the prosthesis will meet the highest aesthetic standards.


+ Warranty on prostheses

We provide a much longer warranty on dental treatments performed in Móricz Dental Clinic than the warranty period stipulated by law. This is the way to ensure that in our clinic you to will have dental treatments without any risks.If you would like to be informed about possible dental solutions and dental services, want to get accurate information about dental treatment, please visit our clinic for a personal consultation.


Call us at phone number  +36 1 36 11 222 or send an e-mail to with your questions, if you have a panoramic X-ray image, please send us it too.

Patient reviews

It is a really demanding place, both for the doctor's office and the professionals working there. I was very satisfied with the treatment, Dr. Anikó Ágics solved a problem that no other doctor has been able to do in the last 2 years - moreover, under difficult circumstances, during the coronavirus period. The office is very nice and clean, the receptionist colleagues are helpful and last but not least they are very pretty. The professional attitude of the doctor and the flexible, coordinated cooperation of the team had a reassuring effect on me, I was sure that I was in good hands. In the course of my experience so far, I was the first to meet such a careful, precise, kind, attentive, professionally prepared team. I am maximally satisfied, I will continue to use only the services of the practice, if the need arises! Although not cheap, ammunition needs to be carried, but something for something.

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