Digital diagnosis

Digital diagnosis

Digital diagnosis for precise treatment plans. A special camera helps to give a detailed picture of the state of the oral cavity.

3D CT – the most up to date indulgent 3D technology that is available presently

The 3D CT has a great significance in implantology, dental surgery, periodontal treatments and in root canal treatments. It allows the dentist to make a precise diagnosis and the computer aided planning of the treatments. At this page you can get more information about this Green technology.

X-ray image – quick, indulgent and easy solution for digital diagnosis

In order to identify dental problems, nowadays it is essential to make an X-ray. This human friendly process gives a precise picture to the dentist about the root cause of your dental problem and also about the possibilities of a permanent and effective solution.

X-rays can be made within a really short time and allows the dentist to analyze it immediately, directly in the surgery, in cooperation with you. If you would like to gain more valuable information about the diagnostic significance of X-rays, click here.


Intraoral X-ray – if we need information only about one tooth

In case of treatments when the problem is clearly limited to one tooth, it is not necessary to make an X-ray or a CT.  In these cases it is enough to make an intraoral X-ray that is limited to one tooth. You do not even have to get off the chair if we have to make an intraoral X-ray, since we make these pictures while you are sitting in the chair. The digitalization of these pictures allows the dentist to analyze them immediately.

Digital tooth shade determination for a lifelike prosthesis - Digital diagnosis

A really good prosthesis cannot be distinguished from your real teeth. It is fully adjusted to your original teeth and your face and so nobody can notice that it is not your own tooth. The pre-requisite of making a perfect prosthesis is determining the appropriate tooth shade.

A real tooth has different shades of colour. That is, the tooth shade is not the same everywhere. While it is darker at the neck of the tooth, it is brighter and seems transparent towards the edges. This is why it is essential to provide the dental technician with a precise and detailed picture of the original tooth shades.

The colour of the teeth is usually determined with the aid of the chromatic scale. However, this traditional method is subjective, because the ability to recognize differences between shades varies across individuals. The perception of the colours of an object can also be influenced by the light conditions in a given room. In order to avoid complaints resulting from incorrect tooth shades, in our clinic we use a really precise digital tooth colour determination device called VITA Easyshade®. This device provides us with an objective result that is not dependent on humans for colour determination.

We determine the shade of the teeth several times, since the shade at the neck is usually different from the shade in the middle or at the end of the tooth. We have to adjust the colour of the prosthesis to these shades so that we can make it similar to the original teeth.


In order to determine the correct tooth shade, the probe tip of the device is placed on the tooth surface. The results are displayed on a monitor. In order to protect you from infections, we use a special disposable plastic foil on the probe tip. The measurement results can be checked on a chromatic scale with the naked eye. At the end of the process, all the information necessary for making a perfect prosthesis is sent to the dental technician

Taking digital photos in order to precisely document the treatments

Taking digital photos plays an important role in documenting different treatments:

  • The photos make a record of the original state of the teeth.
  • They document the states between the more important treatments.
  • They make a record of the state of the teeth after the final prosthesis has been fixed.

Therefore the advantage of taking digital photos is that all steps of the treatment can be documented. So all the phases of the treatment can be retrieved. This is a serious advantage when specialists from different fields of dentistry need to cooperate in a certain case, as it makes communication easier. Taking digital photos also helps the dentist during the treatment, since all the details are visible in the photos. Another serious advantage of having photos is that you can enlarge or sharpen the details, so the oral cavity can be observed better. Another important aspect is that the dentist is not forced to make the diagnosis quickly, since the patient is not affected by the amount of time that the dentist spends on examining the pictures.

During the preparation of the treatment plan it is worth considering that the level of the treatment, the quality of the outcome and the time spent on the treatment are affected by the cooperation between the dentist and the dental technician. Having digital photos makes this cooperation easier and safer. Since both parties see the same pictures, the mistakes that may result from describing the dental problem in words do not arise. As a result, the dentist and the dental technician can communicate on a higher level. The photos are a great assistance for the dentist in making the treatment plan; however, they also save a lot of time and money for the patient.

Oral camera – pictures taken in the oral cavity that help you understand your dental problem and the necessary treatment

An oral camera is a small, wand-shaped camera that immediately projects the image of a certain area on a monitor, enlarging it so that the teeth can be properly studied. Oral cameras are ultra-light, flexible and easy to use. Due to their LED lighting they are trusty and more and more widely used. Pictures made by oral cameras enable you and your dentist to closely observe your dental problems.

Due to this modern technology we can examine and show you your whole denture before the treatment begins. This helps us with setting up a precise diagnosis. We use a special camera connected to a monitor, so that we can show youOral camera and digital diagnosis why it is necessary to carry out the planned treatments. We can explain you the treatment plan better.

The oral camera enables us to discover all the problems. It can enlarge the picture so much that everything becomes visible in detail: tartar, gum inflammation, decays, fractures or discolouration on the teeth, cervical caries, periodontitis, crowns that get shortened towards the neck of the tooth, the place of the missing tooth, the filling that has to be changed, and the state of the prosthesis.

After the treatment it is easy to observe the positive changes: a new filling, a crown or an inlay. We can also check the state of the teeth after the treatment. You can make sure that the treatment was successful and it has visible, aesthetic results.


Smile design – so that you can check the outcome of an aesthetic treatment before the treatment actually begins

Smile Design Software

More and more people are visiting our clinic because they would like to have more aesthetic teeth. However, it is hard to explain to these patients the possible outcome of their aesthetic treatment. This is why we design your smile in advance.

Smile design involves the use of a special software. In fact, smile design is a unique dental planning procedure, in the course of which the harmonic relations between the face and the denture are also considered, and the possible outcome is visualized in a picture. The first step of smile design is taking a photo of the patient. Then the aesthetic character of the face is examined, with all the factors of the face character considered. On the basis of this examination the ideal shape and position of the teeth are determined. This stage of smile design takes only a few minutes, and, in addition, all the necessary interventions are determined in one session.

In the course of smile design you and your dentist cooperate, and you can modify your wish any time. For example, you can choose a natural, a sexy, a sporty, a sophisticated, a sassy or a Hollywood smile. Smile design is the perfect way to be aware of the projected outcome of your aesthetic interventions. As the saying goes: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

If you would like to be informed about possible dental solutions, want to get accurate information about dental treatment, please visit our clinic for a personal consultation.
Call us at phone number  +36 1 36 11 222 or send an e-mail to with your questions. If you have a panoramic X-ray image, please send us it too.

Patient reviews

I have long been dormant with my wisdom teeth and my wisdom. On Thursday, it suddenly became inflamed which went over my upper teeth as well. When I called them (which was about 7:30 in the evening) they were able to give me an appointment the next day. They were very kind to me already on the phone. I got an appointment with Dr. Ágnes Sinka. An infinitely kind doctor, she does a very thorough job and explains everything in detail, gives advice. The surgery itself is very nice and friendly. The prices are a bit peppery but nonetheless. I can highly recommend the place to others.

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